My way home

Some thoughts trapped in moments,
I wonder if I had dropped to one knee instead;
Would I feel at peace with my emotions?
Or still wish my life would end?

I promised to love her forever,
Rightfully she claims I misled.
Convinced we would grow together,
The razor edge became a fork in the road instead.

First 3 years full of love, safe in the gift,
In time and space I melted, embraced by this bliss;
But even then I knew that something was missing,
Something about the way that we experienced love was different. 

When we talked about this, you promised to open up in time,
Patient to a fault, I stayed loyal by your side,
Nurture was part of our nature but information corroded,
When you told me that he forced you, I mentally exploded.

I pulled myself away, unsure how to act,
Finally came to understand why you could never love me back.
I took your hand and tried to pull you out of the abyss,
To free your mind, free your soul, but I was unable to do this.

So we stayed together in a hopeless place,
Holding onto hope that we could outrun our fate.
In this race, we have arrived at the line marked “finish”
In tears, holding each other close for one final minute.

This minute turned to hours, we grieved so deeply,
Free to love and trust again, perhaps now completely.




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