An ode to the Cross Trainer

I observe the smooth way your feet and arms glide,
In motion to the beat of my heart, to my art, you comply,
Once I step inside your body, you handle the destination,
Assuring that my vision and I, will one day stand adjacent,

I program you, in the way that I desire you to speak to me,
So you beep at me, to remind me to not give up too easily,
A sweaty face; I feel your steel hands and get set to race,
With your electric brain by my side, my dreams cannot escape.

You stand in line with your colleagues,
Waiting for someone to share his dreams with you,
I make the first move, and encase myself in your cocoon,
It’s a joy to be with you,

I see the way that you mold your skin to fit another’s,
Shape full of form; a purpose defined by a shudder,
My lover thinks you’re just a machine,
She’s cross with me, because I train with you,

But she has never measured my heartbeat,
And I didn’t program her to, so who gave her the right to speak?
I turn up the intensity level and keep the beat,
The gym is closing soon; and you need your beauty sleep.

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