Things Fall Apart – Part 1

I have held onto my last memory of her forever,
Hoping it held the clue that would bring us back together,
I now realise I could never feed her hunger;
But beneath her eyelids,
Were the rocks that I chose to die under.

I have a tendency towards co-dependency
So now we live our lives together through memory.
I often press rewind and take a glimpse through time,
I can smell her sweet skin, sublime,
As she enters the doorway to my mind,

My pulse starts to race, as I see the outline of her face,
All I needed was a peek at the image,
The rest I can retrace,
But when did sin distort this purity?
Lost in thoughts, the cost of insecurity.

This girl now  drinks to feel empty,
The voices in her head – unfriendly,
Holding me accountable for plenty;
Of the emotions that consumed her,
And turned us to enemies.

She sits, greeting the rain through tear stained eyes
Dilated pupils, burnt crystals,
Entreating her demise.

Bitter from the years, sweat and tears dripped,
Pen dipped in ink, in an attempt to exorcise some fears,
She wrote me, and told me of how her world had collapsed
Once intact, now no way to get her confidence back, scarred,
Mental state attracts dark, and tract marks are proof of her trapped heart.


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