We are all Sisyphus

“It’s too much” “Not again” “F**king hell” “This always happens to me”

Do you feel that like you are on an infinite do loop.

Action – outcome – action – outcome….

Why does it feel like we are on a running wheel?

I wander if our perception of our experiences is flawed.

Maybe we are not stuck on a loop doing the same sh*t forever. Working. Sleeping. Eating. Paying bills. Maybe the universe is giving us an opportunity to do it again until we get it right.

My Martial arts instructor used to tell me that he wasn’t impressed with my speed when I tried to show him a technique I had learned and practiced.

He wanted to see that I could do it flawlessly, slow. We often get bored because we think we have gotten good enough at something and stop trying to improve. At this stage it’s boring. At this stage we are disengaged and at this stage we are not at our best.

Sisyphus believed that he was smarter than Zeus (and did a whole lot of other dumb sh*t) – and Zeus devised a very innovative punishment. Sisyphus was made to push a heavy boulder to the top of a hill only to helplessly watch it roll back to the bottom – for eternity. Sounds pretty horrible right?

I think a lot of us feel like this in our every day lives.

But maybe, just maybe, Sisyphus wasn’t being punished. Perhaps he was presented with an opportunity to perfect this one skill. How good can you get at driving to work – changing lanes smoothly, and driving in a state of calm.

What about listening to your parents tell the same story for the fifth time? Can you listen more fully and appreciate new details and subtleties. Perhaps it’s your boss giving you the same shitty work to do – can you accept it more gratefully and then find a way to perform the task more effectively.

My only caution for this line of thinking is to not lose the simplicity and over complicate matters. If your process has three steps, and they are the best steps – just keep perfecting those.

Keep it simple, strive for excellence. Push that Boulder. Enjoy the loop. You’re ‘stuck’ on it whether you like it or not – may as well enjoy and get better at pushing it each day.

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