Motion Sickness

We are all just the hopeless victims of motion sickness.
Lacking focused stillness we diffuse our hope with potent illness.
Then when it’s time to move forward we feel fatigued,
In disbelief, that our dreams are unwilling to give reprieve;
Instead they shift and leave, never to return to you:
Got you questioning God like in some way he deserted you.
Did it occur to you that purpose could diverge from you?
You ignored the true cost of split focus, and it murdered you.
So you try to claw back to get on track but your fall back;
Is uninspiring and your times expiring so you fall flat.
You got all that? Life will cost and every action has a price,
In spite, inaction is more costly; decide.
Either you seek a vice, seek advice, or seek respite,
Deep insight can be gleamed if you peep inside.


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