Identify & Eliminate

How long is the list of tasks on your To Do List today?
If you read my review of the “The One Thing” your list might be incredibly short already.
But is it short enough?
Are there any tasks that you are racing to complete that needn’t be done at all?
Just as bad, are you ignoring the 80:20 principle and working on low level tasks.

Consider the parable of Nick. Nick was employed as a sales consultant for an insurance company. He would receive inbound calls from customers and try to sell them home, car & life insurance. I worked with Nick and he did some things really well:

  • Established rapport with customers
  • Asked good questions
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm for the job

The one thing that he didn’t focus on was closing the sale. Nick would spend 45 minutes on the phone with a potential customer and learn all about their family, work history, philosophy, views on religion etc. but never asked the customer to pay for the product.

He would close his sales calls with “It was lovely to talk to you today. Have a ring around and compare and if you want to go with us give us a call back and we will help you out”.

His sales results were always low and he was eventually fired for poor sales.

I’m not advocating that you ignore the basics of customer service – these are important. But remember that Nick was hired to sell a product. This was essential. Most of the other things he did were unnecessary.

Make your motto for the day simple:
Identify the essential and eliminate the rest.

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