Every story has a…..

Which of the following statements is always true?

  • Every story has a villain
  • Every story has a hero
  • Every story has an ending

Most stories that we read or hear about have a hero and a villain. Some stories do not. Conversely all stories end at some stage.

Your life is a collection of stories. You first “read” them through experience, and then reflect upon them as memories (placed in your mental bookshelf).

When your capacity to reflect on your stories is taken away from you, your story ends. We call this death.

Since your life is a collection of stories that you either anticipate, experience of reflect upon, why not take a moment to write yourself into some exciting ones.

The end of your story is guaranteed.

  • You can choose to be a hero in your story.
  • You can choose to conquer the villain that disguises itself as your obstacles.
  • You can walk out of an uninteresting story and into a better one.

Finish this sentence: To make tomorrow more exciting I will….

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